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Brown Vase and Peonies  #0616 - Oil

Callaway Painting Studio/Gallery
12115 Daphne Drive
Huntley, IL  60142

"A stunning exhibition!...an adventure in color with brushstroke painting style showing individual flair through layers of fresh bold strokes. The sill-life paintings were blazoned with bright colors...oranges, purples and yellows. Then on to the small landscapes so subtle in style they relaxed the eye and left the viewer in a state of quiet repose...The Palette and Chisel was fortunate to have such a show on their gallery walls."
Newsletter, Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art, Chicago, IL.

"Often one is first attracted to the subject of the painting. However, whatever the subject, the vibrant color, strong energetic composition and bold unctuous brush techniques all contribute to dramatically set his paintings apart from the ordinary."
Edwin R. Wentz, The Creative Partners; Former President, Director, American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL.

INTERVALS IN A NUSHELL - COLOR HARMONY DERIVED THROUGH MUSIC THEORY, by Caroll Callaway. An objective easy to understand method of developing pleasing color harmony through music theory and  harmony. Knowledge of music not necessary. 73 page pamphlet - $17.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Place orders with your mailing address on contact page. 

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